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If you’ve been around here for a while, you might remember that I had a silver Vanishing Point which I then sold because it just didn’t really fit in with my wants at the time.  You might also have noticed that I now have a black VP back in my collection.

I don’t really know what possessed me to buy another one, but I missed having such a convenient pen in my rotation.  Sometimes a cap just gets in the way, am I right?  But I am so glad that I gave it another chance, because it’s now one of my EDC’s and I love it.  

At the beginning of May, I was feeling like my Vac 700 wasn’t getting enough love either so I passed it along to my father for him to play with.  He likes italic nibs and had been using some cheapo Sheaffers and obviously I just couldn’t let that stand…

But I’ve realized that I really miss my Vac!  I don’t want to ask for it back from my father because if he likes it I want him to keep using it.  Also, I never loan anything out with a real expectation of getting it back - saves a lot of friendships, trust me.  So, I’ll probably save up my spare cash where I can, maybe see if I have any books or other stuff around my apartment to sell (I have accumulated a surprising amount of stuff in just the two years I’ve been living here and I need to clear it out), and then buy a new Vac.

So there’s my story.  :-)  Anyone else out there who has wound up buying the same pen twice?  Could be due to an accident, a sale that wasn’t really thought out, whatever.  Tell me your story!

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  2. keristars answered: no, i intentionally bought a Pilot Metropolitan + Cocoon. Identical, other than barrel color. Plan to buy more eventually…
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